Setter proposes to implement a management method that prioritizes the value creation for shareholders and, with this goal in mind, we have developed a line of work which goes through: strategic positioning, company restructuring, growth and consolidation, margin expansion and corporate governance. We work in the most diverse economic sectors throughout the entire national territory. 

We work in the most diverse economic sectors throughout the entire national territory.

We divide our work into four main areas:


For companies that seek to improve the day-to-day management of their financial activities, results monitoring and strategic (re)definition. Among the services offered are:

  • Development of management reports and company's results / cashflow monitoring

  • Assistance to the financial department on daily routines 

  • Development of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Business plan restructuring

  • Strategy review and advisory

  • Interim management as CEO or CFO, with a leadership role and assisting in business development


The financial advisory service features the coordination of the entire process – from the transaction's prospection to its conclusion:

  • Company valuation: Support offered for the elaboration of a financial evaluation and for developing a business plan based on the main market methodologies

  • Buy-side transactions: Advisory for participation acquisition or consolidation processes via acquisition

  • Sell-side Transactions: Advisory for the alienation of shareholders' participation

  • Fundraising: Setter advises companies in fundraising transactions, both through debt financing or equity sale


Setter invests in companies with great potential for growth, strong cashflow generation and whose entrepreneurs are motivated to continue in the business. To this end, we assist in and coordinate the entire investment process with subsequent monitoring of the invested companies' performance.


In 2019 Setter created a branch focused on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which businesses are based on providing new technology platforms for the health sector, agribusiness and finance. Setter Tech has as its main goal the fulfillment of the increasing demand for specialized services that include strategic and financial planning, capital raising and M&A advisory for startups in the market.


    Na Setter, entregamos soluções personalizadas para os seus objetivos. Desde nossa fundação, em 2008, atuamos em projetos de Fusões e Aquisições (M&A), Gestão Financeira, Investimentos e Tech para um vasto portfólio de companhias em diferentes setores econômicos.

    Com uma equipe mão na massa, competência técnica, visão estratégica e olhar atento às necessidades de cada cliente, entregamos resultados superiores e consistentes.

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